Adwords Content Optimisation – Getting Good Google Results

Many of you reading this might think that “Adwords content optimisation” does not make sense. Some believe Google Adwords  automatically puts you at the top of search results for keywords. This would mean, surely, that no further SEO work is required. Whilst Adwords can ensure you appear first for searches it’s not quite right to say this will deliver success. You need to make sure your content delivers what people are searching for. It’s also important to carefully manage your keywords.

In terms of my services, here at Best Write I deliver Adwords content optimisation. The content I create for you is tailored to meet what Google is looking for in respect of how Adwords are ranked on search results.

This article will look at why your content matters for Adwords. I will also briefly touch on why managing your Adwords keywords is very important.

Adwords content optimisation

Adwords Content Optimisation – Why It Matters

There’s a very simple exercise you can do to see the above in action. If you go to Google and search for something generic you will note that several Adwords results appear. For terms such as “plumber Leeds” or “electrician Derby” four should appear at the top of page one, with at least three at the bottom.

Google ranks Adwords in a way similar to organic or natural search index returns. Factors such as the relevance of your content to the search term used contribute to where your Adword appears.

It’s quite a common mistake to think that paying for Adwords will in itself deliver results. Your website must, in terms of Google’s criteria, deliver a high level of relevance to what people are searching for.

Adwords content optimisation is an important aspect of the work I do for you. I ensure that the content produced is relevant to the keywords you have in focus for your Adwords campaign.

Adwords content optimisation

Adwords Content Optimisation – Being Found For The Right Things

In a number of cases people have dismissed Google Adwords as a “waste of money”. This conclusion is normally reached when an increased level of traffic to their site has not lead to a growth in business. Whilst that conclusion is understandable it’s important to work out the reasons why the campaign failed. In many instances it is as straightforward as the content on a site not matching the keywords searched for.

This is something I can illustrate with an example. Someone contacted me through my other site, The Taper. They asked me about converting Betamax tapes to DVD. Unfortunately I do not offer this service at present. I did, however, decide to research the market in order to see if I should.

To do this I went to Google and searched “convert Beta to DVD”. As with the above examples the first 2 or 3 results were Adwords ones. I clicked on both and found that neither of them actually offered the Beta to DVD service.

Adwords content optimisation

That’s a screenshot of Google’s Adwords keyword planner. As you can see, it shows the average number of searches. It also shows the CPC (cost per click) for an Adwords campaign.

If we take the lowest of the expected searches that’s 10 x 78p per month spent on clicks for a service not offered. In total that’s about £93 per year a business might be spending on advertising something not relevant to their work. This may seem like a small amount, but in a competitive business environment it’s crazy to waste any money in this way.

Adwords Content Optimisation – Keyword Management

Adwords management is not a service I offer. If you are looking for this service you need to make sure that you find a Google Partner company. Always check that they are properly certified and accredited to manage Adwords campaigns.

If you approach a company for this I recommend you ask for details and facts about their success. With the above example in mind it’s also important to ensure that they will manage “negative keywords” for you. In the above the people running the campaign should have ensured that searches for “Beta” or “Betamax” were excluded. This would mean that their advert would not have appeared in my search.

Adwords content optimisation

Adwords Content Optimisation – What I Do For You

Hopefully the above information will help you in finding the right person to manage your actual Adwords campaign. What I do is deliver the content required to help ensure your campaign has the greatest chance of success possible.

My content focuses on delivering relevance to your keywords. This can give a significant boost to your organic search engine ranking as well as your Adwords campaign. The written content I produce is also styled to give the greatest reading experience possible for your target market. On your behalf I write in a way that promotes the benefits of your business. This engages readers and helps in converting site visitors to business customers.

I deliver high quality web content at a very competitive price. My standard fee is just £15 per article or page of web text. If you would like me to write for you please get in touch via the contact page. I’m looking forward to hearing from you!