Website Articles – Who Are You Bringing To Your Site?

The main purpose of publishing website articles is to attract people to your site. Adding blog posts and stories on a regular basis help people find your site through shared links and search engines. In order to get the best results from this it’s important to understand who you want to visit your site.

It may well be the case that the last part of the above seems strange. Surely, from a common sense perspective, it’s best to attract as many people as possible to a website? In some cases this is true, in particular where website advertising displays generate income. Getting as much web traffic as possible is not, however, always ideal for all sites.

This blog post is going to look at the different ways web articles can work for you. My services are able to deliver both to you, depending on your requirements.

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Website Articles – Attracting A Specific Audience

For many businesses, the success of a website is measured by how effectively it increases income. This is perfectly understandable. A business website needs to actively promote and advance the success of that business. The website articles which are published on it need to contribute to this.

When it comes to using website articles to attract visitors, it’s vital to understand the business. The first question to ask is whether or not the goods or services offered are of a general nature, or are they for a specific purpose?

If the latter is the case then it’s important to make sure your web content speaks to them directly. Usually it will be be better to make sure website articles contain specific, often advanced details about a product or service. This is because the people looking to use you will have actively sought this out.

This approach might see your website articles only attract a small number of visitors. The context of this must be understood. You need to ask yourself, for your business, is it better to attract 10 people who are interested in using you, or 100 people who are not?

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Website Articles – Bringing In A Bigger Audience

Despite the benefits of attracting specific customers to your site, it is true that all of us would like a high readership for our websites. In some cases the success of a site really does depend on high volumes of visitors. This can be when your business is in a highly competitive market, or when revenue is driven by advertisements which appear on your site.

The website articles which appear on your site are vital to bringing in this traffic. It is important that the content can be found on search engines through a wide number of keywords. The quality of the content should also be of a nature that encourages people to recommend and share it with others.

Articles and content for this kind of site need to have a much broader appeal. Success comes when the content can be found by a large number of search terms, as well as being simple, clear and very easy to read.

website artciles

Website Articles – What I Do For You

My content writing work always focuses on delivering what you want it to achieve.

Whether you need website articles which can reach a wide audience or a specific market, I’m here to deliver.

I research and write articles based entirely on your requirements. The articles I deliver have a proven track record of success, and can cater for both general audiences and a very specific market. With articles costing just £15, I produce some of the highest quality work to be found for the lowest cost.

If you’re looking for the finest website articles available then I am happy to help. Please get in touch through my contact page. I’m looking forward to speaking to you soon!


Website Content – The Kiss Principle

The website content you have in place must be easy to read and straightforward to understand. This sounds quite like just plain common sense, doesn’t it? Whilst I would agree with that, quite often this point gets overlooked.

It is important to remember that your website content is aimed at your readers. Although they are all on your site looking for the same thing, you have to bear in mind that they all come from different backgrounds. Their knowledge and understanding of the information you have may well not be at the same level as your own.

Using me to write your website content for you is a way to achieve this. One of the ways I make sure this is what I deliver is by always staying true to the ‘kiss’ principle.

website content

Website Content – The Kiss Principle

Many of you will be familiar with this. The term stems from the US Navy, with the first recorded use being in the 1960s. In this term ‘kiss’ is an acronym, standing for “Keep It Simple, Stupid”. That’s a little harsh, so I prefer to see it as standing for “Keep It Simple and Straightforward”.  In both cases the meaning is the same.

The term defines how the simplest and most straightforward approach is going to be best. When it comes to website content this means that you have to avoid having text which requires a high level of existing knowledge to be able to understand it.

Achieving this relies on a number of factors. One of the most important of these is to assume your audience has little or no knowledge of the subject. Doing this ensures that you are making the text as easy and accessible as possible for everyone to read.

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Website Content – Benefits Of The Kiss Principle

The main benefit of this approach is that it encourages readers to remain on your site and use your services. It also makes it easier for new and potential customers to discover you.

Google, along with other search engines, make the quality of content a priority in ranking websites. The key requirements for this are that the text is original, relevant to the search terms and well written. Following the kiss principle helps ensure these key requirements are met.

As you can see, website content which follows the kiss principle works in two ways. It enables people to find your business online, and then it encourages them to become your customer.

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Website Content – What I Do For You

My expert skills as a writer mean that I deliver content which perfectly meets the kiss principle. I am able to take the most complex of subjects and write about them in an easy to understand way.

I am a dedicated and passionate writer. My services here at Best Write let you get all the advantages of this. For just £15 per article I will thoroughly research and write web content for you which perfectly meets the kiss principle requirements.

If you’re looking for the best website content that works please get in touch. You can reach me through the contact page. I am looking forward to being of service to you!




eBay Item Descriptions – How Important Are They?

There seems to be a lot of debate about how important eBay item descriptions are. It seems that for every person who considers them vital for success someone will say they are not really relevant. Curiously both views are, in a way, correct.

I know the above might be a little confusing. That’s why I thought an article on the subject might be of interest to you.

eBay Item Descriptions – What Should They Do?

In short they should tell a potential buyer everything possible about what they are buying. This is to both assure the buyer that they are getting what they want, and to give some protection to the seller.

eBay item descriptions

For buyers, eBay item descriptions provide the details of the product they are looking to buy. They will look at this section of a listing to confirm that the item is exactly what they want. It also lets them understand the condition of the item being sold, as well as information such as size, weight and suitability.

This last part is where protection for sellers comes in. Complaints about items bought and sold on eBay are quite common. In many cases these arise from the buyer finding the item not to be as they expected. By putting as much honest and detailed information as possible into eBay item descriptions, sellers can easily address such complaints.

Good eBay item descriptions let buyers know exactly what they are getting. They also let sellers give an above board and transparent service. This is important in ensuring a good sales reputation is maintained.

eBay Item Descriptions – What Should They Feature?

The description for your item on sale via eBay should list every possible fact or feature. It really is a case of being “the more the better”. What might seem trivial or not important to you may well be the precise detail a potential buyer is looking for. As far as I am aware eBay does not have a “maximum” limit on information you can add to an item description. You should, then, use this to the full.

In terms of how the description should appear, the best advice is to make it almost conversational. As we will see later in this article eBay listings do not really work like search engine results. It is better to make your text clear and easy reading rather than have it filled with SEO keywords.

eBay item descriptions

eBay Item Descriptions – Will They Help Me Sell More?

The answer to this is “yes and no”. No, they won’t directly assure you of or guarantee sales, but yes they will help buyers who are making their minds up.

As mentioned earlier, eBay does not really work like Google or any other sort of search engine. This is to say that keyword and content relevance is not always the main determining factor for eBay search results. If you have ever used eBay you’ll know that you are in charge of how results come up. There are many variables, allowing you to sort results by elements such as price, delivery costs and location.

The real value of eBay item descriptions for you comes when a buyer is looking at your listing. At this stage how you describe the item can become the “call to action” which sees someone browsing convert to someone buying from you.

eBay Item Descriptions – What I Do For You

A good quality description for an item on eBay should be at least 200 words long. That should cover all of the details a possible buyer would want to know, although as I have said more is better.

Here’s the tricky part for me. Although I do provide eBay item descriptions it’s not a common service. As it would be rare for me to have your product in front of me I couldn’t really write an honest description for you. Also, my standard fee of £15 per article or page of web text would, in many instances, be higher than what your item may sell for!

I’ve written this more as a goodwill gesture, then, than to “sell” my services here at Best Write. Whilst I probably should just use this blog section just to sell my services I believe in helping where I can. I was quite alarmed at the number of people trying to sell guides and advice which bravely promised to “guarantee” success. As you can see throughout this article, there are many factors which create success on eBay in addition to the item descriptions.

That said, if you are stuck, please get in touch. I’ve been known to be “flexible” on my pricing. You can reach me through the contact page on this site for any form of personal or professional writing services. Let’s talk about what you need doing and see what we can do on the fee!



Adwords Content Optimisation – Getting Good Google Results

Many of you reading this might think that “Adwords content optimisation” does not make sense. Some believe Google Adwords  automatically puts you at the top of search results for keywords. This would mean, surely, that no further SEO work is required. Whilst Adwords can ensure you appear first for searches it’s not quite right to say this will deliver success. You need to make sure your content delivers what people are searching for. It’s also important to carefully manage your keywords.

In terms of my services, here at Best Write I deliver Adwords content optimisation. The content I create for you is tailored to meet what Google is looking for in respect of how Adwords are ranked on search results.

This article will look at why your content matters for Adwords. I will also briefly touch on why managing your Adwords keywords is very important.

Adwords content optimisation

Adwords Content Optimisation – Why It Matters

There’s a very simple exercise you can do to see the above in action. If you go to Google and search for something generic you will note that several Adwords results appear. For terms such as “plumber Leeds” or “electrician Derby” four should appear at the top of page one, with at least three at the bottom.

Google ranks Adwords in a way similar to organic or natural search index returns. Factors such as the relevance of your content to the search term used contribute to where your Adword appears.

It’s quite a common mistake to think that paying for Adwords will in itself deliver results. Your website must, in terms of Google’s criteria, deliver a high level of relevance to what people are searching for.

Adwords content optimisation is an important aspect of the work I do for you. I ensure that the content produced is relevant to the keywords you have in focus for your Adwords campaign.

Adwords content optimisation

Adwords Content Optimisation – Being Found For The Right Things

In a number of cases people have dismissed Google Adwords as a “waste of money”. This conclusion is normally reached when an increased level of traffic to their site has not lead to a growth in business. Whilst that conclusion is understandable it’s important to work out the reasons why the campaign failed. In many instances it is as straightforward as the content on a site not matching the keywords searched for.

This is something I can illustrate with an example. Someone contacted me through my other site, The Taper. They asked me about converting Betamax tapes to DVD. Unfortunately I do not offer this service at present. I did, however, decide to research the market in order to see if I should.

To do this I went to Google and searched “convert Beta to DVD”. As with the above examples the first 2 or 3 results were Adwords ones. I clicked on both and found that neither of them actually offered the Beta to DVD service.

Adwords content optimisation

That’s a screenshot of Google’s Adwords keyword planner. As you can see, it shows the average number of searches. It also shows the CPC (cost per click) for an Adwords campaign.

If we take the lowest of the expected searches that’s 10 x 78p per month spent on clicks for a service not offered. In total that’s about £93 per year a business might be spending on advertising something not relevant to their work. This may seem like a small amount, but in a competitive business environment it’s crazy to waste any money in this way.

Adwords Content Optimisation – Keyword Management

Adwords management is not a service I offer. If you are looking for this service you need to make sure that you find a Google Partner company. Always check that they are properly certified and accredited to manage Adwords campaigns.

If you approach a company for this I recommend you ask for details and facts about their success. With the above example in mind it’s also important to ensure that they will manage “negative keywords” for you. In the above the people running the campaign should have ensured that searches for “Beta” or “Betamax” were excluded. This would mean that their advert would not have appeared in my search.

Adwords content optimisation

Adwords Content Optimisation – What I Do For You

Hopefully the above information will help you in finding the right person to manage your actual Adwords campaign. What I do is deliver the content required to help ensure your campaign has the greatest chance of success possible.

My content focuses on delivering relevance to your keywords. This can give a significant boost to your organic search engine ranking as well as your Adwords campaign. The written content I produce is also styled to give the greatest reading experience possible for your target market. On your behalf I write in a way that promotes the benefits of your business. This engages readers and helps in converting site visitors to business customers.

I deliver high quality web content at a very competitive price. My standard fee is just £15 per article or page of web text. If you would like me to write for you please get in touch via the contact page. I’m looking forward to hearing from you!


The Importance Of Original Web Content

It would be fair to say that the most in demand service I offer is original web content. I’m very proud of my success with this, and it’s always wonderful when someone wants my writing for their business. With this in mind I thought it might be interesting to look at why web content is so important.

Having a business website is an incredibly powerful marketing tool. Just like any other tool, however, the power depends entirely on how you use it. Adding new content to your site is one of the most effective ways of making it as powerful as possible.

original web content

Original Web Content – getting your website found

The primary value of original web content is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Most web traffic is driven by people using search engines to find sites, with Google being the biggest. Having your website indexed by search engines is vital to being found by customers. It’s also important to appear as high as possible in the search return results.

Google, along with all other search engines, index and rank websites based on the original web content which it contains. The complex algorithms used to do this consider several factors. The most important two are whether the content is original and how relevant it is to the keyword search terms. This was, of course. not always the case. We will look at this point in more detail in the next section.

I deliver web content which contains a focus on the importance of SEO value. All of the writing I do features thorough research of the search keywords required. This makes sure the work is relevant to the subject and meets the indexing criteria of search engines like Google.

Being found on a search engine by a potential customer is only stage one. Your web content is just as vital in persuading people to use your business.

original web content

Original Web Content – attracting new customers

In the early days of web search engines you could “get away” with next to no content. All you had to do to get a good ranking was repeat your type of business and the location. This was when the internet was viewed as little more than an electronic telephone directory. People who looked for businesses on the web then usually didn’t want anything other than a telephone number. Things are quite different today. The information provided on a website is increasingly being seen as a determining factor for customers. A growing number of people choose to use one specific business because the website gives them exactly what they are looking for.

Having original web content on your site is crucial to achieving this. Presenting people with information about what you offer or sell – and what makes you a leader in doing so – is how you convert them to customers. To refer to the last paragraph, it is no longer enough to say what you do and where you are. Customers also want to understand who you are, how you do it and why in addition to the standard “what” and “where”.

This is my priority when creating original web content for you and your business. Whilst the SEO value of web content is important to being found, the quality of writing is important to your customers. I use my skills, talents and abilities to ensure that your web content is exactly what your target market wants to read and know.

original web content

Original Web Content – what I do for you

I research and write original web content for you with the level of passion needed to truly reflect the pride you have in your business. You want nothing short of the best for your business and this is exactly what I deliver.

Me just saying that is all well and good. A rather well known saying is that the proof of the pudding is in the eating. If you’re anything like me then you will quite agree that this is true. To be true to that well known saying, here are some links to original web content I have written for businesses recently.

EPC Requirements For Accommodation Businesses

Auto Technician Job Opportunities

Card Charge Legislation Updates

In addition to the above there’s also the blog section here on this site, and on my other site – The Taper.

My standard fee for original web content is £15 per article. This comes with no strings, committent, obligations or minimum orders attached.

If you are looking for the high quality and effective original web content I produce then please get in touch. You can reach me via the details on the contact page of this site. I’m looking forward to hearing from you, and to working for your business!




Letter Writing – When The Message Really Matters

For several years some have predicted the death of letter writing. This has, thankfully, proven not to be quite right. It is in fact the case that letter writing is even more important now than ever before. This is why letter writing is one of the key services I present at Best Write.

It is true that we live in an era of digital communication. There are many simpler, better and faster ways to send a message to someone than posting a letter. Few, if any, of these different ways of communicating carry quite the same power. In this article we will look at why this is the case.

letter writing services

Letter Writing – why not just email instead?

The advent of email was the innovation which saw many predict the end of letter writing. An email could be typed, sent and received in an instant anywhere in the world. This offers incredible convenience, with a letter from one country to another taking merely seconds to arrive rather than days or even weeks.

As we have gotten used to emails, however, it is fair to say that we have all come to be a little complacent about them. Be honest – do you really read an email on a screen with the same focus and concentration you do paper in your hand? Don’t worry, as very few do. One of the consequences of this is that the message in an email loses some of its importance.

Further to this there is also the risk of the letter not being seen at all. Virtually everyone with email is subjected to many unwanted mails, be they advertising or the dreaded “spam”. We’ve become so used to ignoring messages in our inbox that there’s every chance of us overlooking an important and genuinely wanted mail. Our computers might also decide that we don’t want the message at all. If certain words or phrases feature in a mail then it can easily be filtered out, placed in a “junk” or “spam” folder and automatically deleted.

With email you also face the problem of the wrong person getting the message. Or wrong people, for that matter. All of us have heard horror stories of personal and private emails being forwarded on. There’s also that accident waiting to happen which is sending an email to “all” rather than just the person it is intended for.

letter writing services

Letter Writing – making the most of your message

Receiving a letter remains a deeply personal, tactile experience. This makes it all the more appreciated by the person the letter is sent to. When your message is important and you really want to make sure it is heard sending it in a letter will always be better.

For you, as the letter sender, the two most important benefits of letter writing are privacy and control. This is true in particular when compared to email. A correctly addressed envelope ensures that it goes directly to the person intended. Further to this, it is not easy for anyone – accidentally or deliberately – to share the details of your letter with people it was not intended for.

These points make the desired reaction to your message all the more likely to happen. If you want a response to your message – whether it is from a company, a public body or a person – sending a letter is more likely to prompt it than any other form.

Let’s see if we can illustrate the above with an example. Have you ever sent a message of complaint to a company via email or through their website? Did the response seem to be a standard answer? One that was copied and pasted from existing text? Unfortunately that has become the norm these days. Thankfully it is normally the case that a letter sent ensures a more considered response by mail is received in return.

Letter Writing – what I do for you

Hopefully the above points make perfect sense to you. Whilst you can see the benefits of letter writing it might be that you are not sure how to do it yourself. This is one of the main reasons why I offer my services.

If there’s a really important message you need to send then I can help. You can give me the details of what you want or need to say. You can also tell me what you hope the result will be. I will write the letter for you, making sure it does what you want and is appropriately worded for the intended recipient. As with all of my services, both with Best Write and The Taper, your details and information always remain private and confidential.

Are you looking for the perfect way for your own letter writing? Please get in touch via my contact page. I’m looking forward to hearing from you – and indeed to being able to help you!

Does Content Really Help To Improve Google Ranking?

To improve Google ranking is something everyone with a website would like to achieve. This is all the more true of business websites, as appearing on page one of search results can lead to a significant increase in customers. There are many who claim to be expert in the ways that you can improve Google ranking. Whilst they have different approaches all universally agree that site content is the number one factor for success.

In this article I am going to look at how content achieves this. As it is often better to show rather than tell I will also include an example of my own work. This will illustrate what Best Write can deliver to you with web content.

Improve Google Ranking – Why Content Counts

How did Google become the most widely used search engine in the world? By delivering the best results. The search engine uses complex algorithms to ensure searches return websites which best match what people are looking for. Several factors are considered but it is widely accepted that the quality of content on a website is the most important.

improve google ranking

If you want to improve Google ranking for a website you must add high quality content to it. The content has to be original, well written and relevant to the keyword or phrase being searched for. This is exactly what I do for you here at Best Write.

Meeting the requirements for high quality content can be a challenge. Some say it’s difficult to know what exactly Google defines as “high quality”. In my experience what you need to do is provide text which delivers easy and engaging reading that remains focused on a specific topic. I always research, develop and deliver this to my clients.

Improve Google Ranking – How I Do It

Earlier I mentioned that I would present an example of my work. This is, to my knowledge, one of my highest performing results in terms of using content to improve Google ranking for a website.

One client requested content by me which focused on the keyword “buy 2 let Gatwick”. I knew this was a highly competitive term, and so needed to deliver something quite special. Here is the link to the article I produced. Hopefully you find the article interesting and engaging reading!

What what the effect of this article? A month after it was published the website’s Google ranking for the keyword increased by over 300 positions. This was a fantastic achievement. I was delighted to help such a great company gain greater visibility on Google.


improve google ranking


Improve Google Ranking – Remember The Other Factors

There are several factors which can help improve Google ranking results for your website. The include how fast your site loads and how easy it is to view it on a mobile device. All of them must be considered.

In this article I have kept the focus on my area of expertise – writing good, strong web content. There are several free online tools that can review your site on the other factors. I would recommend that you make use of these resources before spending money on changing the appearance of your website.

Improve Google Ranking- What I Do For You

I provide unique, original and relevant web content for your keywords of choice. My standard fee for this is £15 per article, which is highly competitive in the market. Please get in touch via the Contact Me page of this site to discuss how I can be of service.

There are many other examples of my work that can show what my content will do for you. As well as Best Write I run another website, The Taper. There you will find a blog section which contains more of my work.


improve google ranking


I really do hope that you have found this article to be an interesting read about the ways in which you can improve Google ranking for a website.

At Best Write I am committed to delivering high quality web content for a low and competitive price. Please get in touch so we can have a chat about how my web content can be of benefit to you.


Is Your Website Content Working For You?

Most of you will know the value website content brings to your business. It helps to be found on search engines by potential customers and then engages them with your business. For this to be effective the information which appears on your site must be relevant and up to date.

There are some who believe that adding website content is a one time job. It is an approach which says that once you’ve got text and images in place you are happy with there’s no requirement to do more. In this article I shall highlight why the opposite is true and show what Best Write can deliver to you.

website content Best Write

Website Content – if it ain’t broke don’t fix it?

When your website content ranks highly on search engines and helps attract customers it’s fantastic. It is a challenge to achieve this – and all the more challenging to sustain it. Updating or adding to the content is one of the ways to make certain of long term success.

This may well seem strange at first. Why, after all, would you change content that is clearly working? The broad answer is because all other factors in the success change. How search engines, in particular Google, index and rank sites changes. What people are searching for in relation to your business changes. You need to anticipate and be aware of these changes. Keeping your content relevant to how and why people search for what you offer can contribute substantially to success.

I place this at the forefront of what I do for you. My website content focuses on providing what works to achieve search engine rankings and delivering what potential customers are searching for.  This is achieved by thorough research of your target market. I also test the SEO value of the content to make sure it meets the requirements for search engine indexing.

Website Content – how often do you change it?

This is one of those “how long is a piece of string” questions. In general terms it’s a good idea to review and refresh your content every six months. There are, however, times when it needs to be changed sooner.

You need to listen to what the statistics say about your site. When you note a fall in visitors and the time they spend on the site then it’s time to change your website content. This is also true if you’ve noted a drop in your search engine ranking for your keywords.

I take a holistic approach to creating new website content. When writing text for your site I look at what currently works best for search engine optimisation (SEO). I also, and perhaps more importantly, look at how best to present this in a way that visitors will want to read it. I other words I give both the search engines and those looking for information what they want in a way that delivers what you want – getting potential customers to your site and encouraging them to stay.

website content

Website Content – how often do you add it?

Changing your website text can seem like quite a radical approach. It is, which is why I have said that there are only certain times when you should do it. One of the other things you can do is update your site by adding new content. A great way to do this is by adding blog posts and news articles.

There are many benefits to adding website content like blog posts to your site. Adding new information keeps your site fresh and relevant. It also allows you to respond and adapt to changes in your target market, making sure you clearly show that you have what people are looking for. If there’s a change to the most successful keywords used in your business then blog posts and news articles can assist in ensuring you appear on search engines for them.

On frequently asked question is how often should you add new website content like blog posts. The answer to this depends on how competitive the market is for your keywords. Some businesses, such as financial service providers and property managers, benefit from adding a new blog post or news story every day. For most companies, though, adding 2 to 4 new articles a months is usually perfect for achieving beneficial results.

Website Content – what I do for you

A very popular saying is that actions speak louder than words. In respect of this you can see the quality of my work online. As well as the blog section here on Best Write you might like to have a look at the blog on my other website, The Taper.  I am as passionate about helping people preserve their precious memories as I am about writing.

My ambition with Best Write is to deliver high quality and very effective website content for a competitive price. I have a set fee of £15 per website page text or blog / news article. Some have said – kindly – that I am devaluing my work. The truth is with low overheads and no sales staff I’m delighted to be in a position where I can offer my services to make a living, not create a fortune!

If you would like to get the benefit of having me write your website content please get in touch. You can get hold of me through the contact page. I’m looking forward to speaking to you soon!



Web Content Writer – Perfectly Presenting Percentages

As a web content writer it’s my job to make sure the articles I write are effective.  There are a number of ways in which a web article can be evaluated as effective. For businesses the two most important are customer engagement and brand presence. Making use of facts and figures is a great way to achieve both.

The most popular and frequently visited sites on the web have one thing in common. This is a tendency to use numbers in their content. Sometimes this can be in the form of “top ten” lists, whilst in other instances numerical information is relied on to present a story. We as people can all relate to numbers. If we are given a set of statistics we’re able to relate to them with our own frame of reference, understanding the information all the more easily.

web content writer

Above is a quick pie chart I created. To do this I just created a few numbers as to why someone would read an article on the web, converting the information into a graph. If when reading this article your attention was immediately drawn to this chart that shows how effective presenting facts and figures can be.

One of the things I do as a web content writer is look for relevant and factual information relating to my client. In virtually all industries there will always be reports and statistical data which can be related to their products and services. It can, however, be a challenge when the as is information does not convey a positive message. This is where some work is required.

web content writer

Web Content Writer – Presenting Positive Percentages

I need to be very careful with this section!

Many of you will be aware of the “fake news” phenomenon. It is one of the terms which 2017 will be remembered for. I’ve raised this as one has to be very careful to ensure their information is presented in a truthful and honest way. It is my duty as a web content writer to ensure this and present a positive story.

A recent news story prompted this article. What interested me was the different ways in which websites and news agencies presented the same statistical information. Here are two examples of the different headlines.

Survey Shows 1 in 4 Want Change

Only 25% Want Change, Study Reveals

Can you see the slight yet effective difference? Both use identical information, yet change it to suit the perspective they wish to convey.

Some would view the above as in some way distorting facts, or to use the political term “adding spin”. There’s truth in this, but I do not believe the practice is dishonest. As in both cases of this example the factual information was correct neither can be called “fake news”.

web content writer

Web Content Writer – What I Do For You

When you use me as a web content writer I deliver work which is informed by the above. The content I produce uses factual information to convey the positive message you want in place.

Perfectly presenting percentages is a key way of engaging your target market. If you provide relevant, interesting and memorable information to your readers it serves as a call to action. This increases the likelihood of them using your services.

I have a fantastic track record of success in delivering effective web content. My work helps businesses gain high rankings on search engines such as Google. The content I provide appeals to your website visitors, providing them with interesting information about what they are looking for. This can assist in transforming website visitors into business customers.

If you’d like to have this highly effective form of content on your website then please get in touch. You can reach me through the contact page of this site. I always deliver high quality work for a very competitive price.

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Email Marketing – When Less Is More

I have two websites for my services. As well as Best Write I run The Taper, which offers digital conversion services. One consequence of this is that I tend to get twice as many Email marketing messages than most.

There are a number of people who get upset with Email marketing being sent to them. Many consider it “spam” and a waste of their time, especially when they have not directly said they wish to receive it. This is easy to sympathise with. At some stage all of us have had a marketing text, email or phone call that we had no interest in.

When carried out correctly Email campaigns can be highly effective. If you are using email addresses from businesses and people who have opted in to a mailing list they normally appreciate updates on specials and deals. Crucial factors for success are that the Email sent is interesting and engaging.

In this article I am going to look at those crucial factors. I will be using an example I received which failed to do either.


email marketing


Email Marketing – A Note On UK Law

If you are looking for information on UK Email marketing it is important to be aware of the law.  You must ensure that you have the correct permission and consent if you’re marketing directly to consumers. There are also strict guidelines in place for conduct regarding business to business (B2B) Email marketing.

Please follow this link to see the overview of the law on the Government website.

Email Marketing – What Not To Do

A common mistake with any form of online marketing is to take up space. In theory the internet offers an infinite amount of space for writing, images and video. This does not mean you have to make use of it. In order to attract the interest of your target audience you need to be short, sharp and to the point.

Here, with the business details removed, is an image of a marketing mail I have been sent at least three times.


email marketing

Quick question – on which line of the above heading did you simply stop reading? Don’t feel bad if it was early on. It’s far too long for a sentence, never mind a header.

There are 26 words in that heading. The point of a heading or title is to grab attention. This one seems to try and tell the whole story. As a general rule titles and headings should be no longer than ten words.

Another problem is that it poses a question few would have an immediate answer for. Whilst there are instances where posing a question can work in advertising it rarely works in Email marketing. The focus should be on what you can offer, or what you are selling.

I run the risk of doing work for free here, but let me give you some examples of what I would have done. A better, more engaging title would be “Manage Your Marketing Tools From One Location”. Another would be “Take Control Of Your Marketing Tools”.

There’s a lot wrong with the rest of the mail. I can, however, only give so much free advice! Briefly, though, I would question the seemingly random way some words are highlighted in bold.

Email Marketing – What Best Write Can Do For You

Writing test for email marketing campaigns is one of the professional writing services I offer. I make sure that your message gets across in a clear and highly effective way. This article has shown how some businesses get it wrong. At Best Write, I make sure you get it right!

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