Does Content Really Help To Improve Google Ranking?

To improve Google ranking is something everyone with a website would like to achieve. This is all the more true of business websites, as appearing on page one of search results can lead to a significant increase in customers. There are many who claim to be expert in the ways that you can improve Google ranking. Whilst they have different approaches all universally agree that site content is the number one factor for success.

In this article I am going to look at how content achieves this. As it is often better to show rather than tell I will also include an example of my own work. This will illustrate what Best Write can deliver to you with web content.

Improve Google Ranking – Why Content Counts

How did Google become the most widely used search engine in the world? By delivering the best results. The search engine uses complex algorithms to ensure searches return websites which best match what people are looking for. Several factors are considered but it is widely accepted that the quality of content on a website is the most important.

improve google ranking

If you want to improve Google ranking for a website you must add high quality content to it. The content has to be original, well written and relevant to the keyword or phrase being searched for. This is exactly what I do for you here at Best Write.

Meeting the requirements for high quality content can be a challenge. Some say it’s difficult to know what exactly Google defines as “high quality”. In my experience what you need to do is provide text which delivers easy and engaging reading that remains focused on a specific topic. I always research, develop and deliver this to my clients.

Improve Google Ranking – How I Do It

Earlier I mentioned that I would present an example of my work. This is, to my knowledge, one of my highest performing results in terms of using content to improve Google ranking for a website.

One client requested content by me which focused on the keyword “buy 2 let Gatwick”. I knew this was a highly competitive term, and so needed to deliver something quite special. Here is the link to the article I produced. Hopefully you find the article interesting and engaging reading!

What what the effect of this article? A month after it was published the website’s Google ranking for the keyword increased by over 300 positions. This was a fantastic achievement. I was delighted to help such a great company gain greater visibility on Google.


improve google ranking


Improve Google Ranking – Remember The Other Factors

There are several factors which can help improve Google ranking results for your website. The include how fast your site loads and how easy it is to view it on a mobile device. All of them must be considered.

In this article I have kept the focus on my area of expertise – writing good, strong web content. There are several free online tools that can review your site on the other factors. I would recommend that you make use of these resources before spending money on changing the appearance of your website.

Improve Google Ranking- What I Do For You

I provide unique, original and relevant web content for your keywords of choice. My standard fee for this is £15 per article, which is highly competitive in the market. Please get in touch via the Contact Me page of this site to discuss how I can be of service.

There are many other examples of my work that can show what my content will do for you. As well as Best Write I run another website, The Taper. There you will find a blog section which contains more of my work.


improve google ranking


I really do hope that you have found this article to be an interesting read about the ways in which you can improve Google ranking for a website.

At Best Write I am committed to delivering high quality web content for a low and competitive price. Please get in touch so we can have a chat about how my web content can be of benefit to you.