eBay Item Descriptions – How Important Are They?

There seems to be a lot of debate about how important eBay item descriptions are. It seems that for every person who considers them vital for success someone will say they are not really relevant. Curiously both views are, in a way, correct.

I know the above might be a little confusing. That’s why I thought an article on the subject might be of interest to you.

eBay Item Descriptions – What Should They Do?

In short they should tell a potential buyer everything possible about what they are buying. This is to both assure the buyer that they are getting what they want, and to give some protection to the seller.

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For buyers, eBay item descriptions provide the details of the product they are looking to buy. They will look at this section of a listing to confirm that the item is exactly what they want. It also lets them understand the condition of the item being sold, as well as information such as size, weight and suitability.

This last part is where protection for sellers comes in. Complaints about items bought and sold on eBay are quite common. In many cases these arise from the buyer finding the item not to be as they expected. By putting as much honest and detailed information as possible into eBay item descriptions, sellers can easily address such complaints.

Good eBay item descriptions let buyers know exactly what they are getting. They also let sellers give an above board and transparent service. This is important in ensuring a good sales reputation is maintained.

eBay Item Descriptions – What Should They Feature?

The description for your item on sale via eBay should list every possible fact or feature. It really is a case of being “the more the better”. What might seem trivial or not important to you may well be the precise detail a potential buyer is looking for. As far as I am aware eBay does not have a “maximum” limit on information you can add to an item description. You should, then, use this to the full.

In terms of how the description should appear, the best advice is to make it almost conversational. As we will see later in this article eBay listings do not really work like search engine results. It is better to make your text clear and easy reading rather than have it filled with SEO keywords.

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eBay Item Descriptions – Will They Help Me Sell More?

The answer to this is “yes and no”. No, they won’t directly assure you of or guarantee sales, but yes they will help buyers who are making their minds up.

As mentioned earlier, eBay does not really work like Google or any other sort of search engine. This is to say that keyword and content relevance is not always the main determining factor for eBay search results. If you have ever used eBay you’ll know that you are in charge of how results come up. There are many variables, allowing you to sort results by elements such as price, delivery costs and location.

The real value of eBay item descriptions for you comes when a buyer is looking at your listing. At this stage how you describe the item can become the “call to action” which sees someone browsing convert to someone buying from you.

eBay Item Descriptions – What I Do For You

A good quality description for an item on eBay should be at least 200 words long. That should cover all of the details a possible buyer would want to know, although as I have said more is better.

Here’s the tricky part for me. Although I do provide eBay item descriptions it’s not a common service. As it would be rare for me to have your product in front of me I couldn’t really write an honest description for you. Also, my standard fee of £15 per article or page of web text would, in many instances, be higher than what your item may sell for!

I’ve written this more as a goodwill gesture, then, than to “sell” my services here at Best Write. Whilst I probably should just use this blog section just to sell my services I believe in helping where I can. I was quite alarmed at the number of people trying to sell guides and advice which bravely promised to “guarantee” success. As you can see throughout this article, there are many factors which create success on eBay in addition to the item descriptions.

That said, if you are stuck, please get in touch. I’ve been known to be “flexible” on my pricing. You can reach me through the contact page on this site for any form of personal or professional writing services. Let’s talk about what you need doing and see what we can do on the fee!