Email Marketing – When Less Is More

I have two websites for my services. As well as Best Write I run The Taper, which offers digital conversion services. One consequence of this is that I tend to get twice as many Email marketing messages than most.

There are a number of people who get upset with Email marketing being sent to them. Many consider it “spam” and a waste of their time, especially when they have not directly said they wish to receive it. This is easy to sympathise with. At some stage all of us have had a marketing text, email or phone call that we had no interest in.

When carried out correctly Email campaigns can be highly effective. If you are using email addresses from businesses and people who have opted in to a mailing list they normally appreciate updates on specials and deals. Crucial factors for success are that the Email sent is interesting and engaging.

In this article I am going to look at those crucial factors. I will be using an example I received which failed to do either.


email marketing


Email Marketing – A Note On UK Law

If you are looking for information on UK Email marketing it is important to be aware of the law.  You must ensure that you have the correct permission and consent if you’re marketing directly to consumers. There are also strict guidelines in place for conduct regarding business to business (B2B) Email marketing.

Please follow this link to see the overview of the law on the Government website.

Email Marketing – What Not To Do

A common mistake with any form of online marketing is to take up space. In theory the internet offers an infinite amount of space for writing, images and video. This does not mean you have to make use of it. In order to attract the interest of your target audience you need to be short, sharp and to the point.

Here, with the business details removed, is an image of a marketing mail I have been sent at least three times.


email marketing

Quick question – on which line of the above heading did you simply stop reading? Don’t feel bad if it was early on. It’s far too long for a sentence, never mind a header.

There are 26 words in that heading. The point of a heading or title is to grab attention. This one seems to try and tell the whole story. As a general rule titles and headings should be no longer than ten words.

Another problem is that it poses a question few would have an immediate answer for. Whilst there are instances where posing a question can work in advertising it rarely works in Email marketing. The focus should be on what you can offer, or what you are selling.

I run the risk of doing work for free here, but let me give you some examples of what I would have done. A better, more engaging title would be “Manage Your Marketing Tools From One Location”. Another would be “Take Control Of Your Marketing Tools”.

There’s a lot wrong with the rest of the mail. I can, however, only give so much free advice! Briefly, though, I would question the seemingly random way some words are highlighted in bold.

Email Marketing – What Best Write Can Do For You

Writing test for email marketing campaigns is one of the professional writing services I offer. I make sure that your message gets across in a clear and highly effective way. This article has shown how some businesses get it wrong. At Best Write, I make sure you get it right!

Please contact me to discuss how I can help with your text for all forms of marketing and advertising. You can get in touch via the contact page.



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