Letter Writing – When The Message Really Matters

For several years some have predicted the death of letter writing. This has, thankfully, proven not to be quite right. It is in fact the case that letter writing is even more important now than ever before. This is why letter writing is one of the key services I present at Best Write.

It is true that we live in an era of digital communication. There are many simpler, better and faster ways to send a message to someone than posting a letter. Few, if any, of these different ways of communicating carry quite the same power. In this article we will look at why this is the case.

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Letter Writing – why not just email instead?

The advent of email was the innovation which saw many predict the end of letter writing. An email could be typed, sent and received in an instant anywhere in the world. This offers incredible convenience, with a letter from one country to another taking merely seconds to arrive rather than days or even weeks.

As we have gotten used to emails, however, it is fair to say that we have all come to be a little complacent about them. Be honest – do you really read an email on a screen with the same focus and concentration you do paper in your hand? Don’t worry, as very few do. One of the consequences of this is that the message in an email loses some of its importance.

Further to this there is also the risk of the letter not being seen at all. Virtually everyone with email is subjected to many unwanted mails, be they advertising or the dreaded “spam”. We’ve become so used to ignoring messages in our inbox that there’s every chance of us overlooking an important and genuinely wanted mail. Our computers might also decide that we don’t want the message at all. If certain words or phrases feature in a mail then it can easily be filtered out, placed in a “junk” or “spam” folder and automatically deleted.

With email you also face the problem of the wrong person getting the message. Or wrong people, for that matter. All of us have heard horror stories of personal and private emails being forwarded on. There’s also that accident waiting to happen which is sending an email to “all” rather than just the person it is intended for.

letter writing services www.bestwrite.co.uk

Letter Writing – making the most of your message

Receiving a letter remains a deeply personal, tactile experience. This makes it all the more appreciated by the person the letter is sent to. When your message is important and you really want to make sure it is heard sending it in a letter will always be better.

For you, as the letter sender, the two most important benefits of letter writing are privacy and control. This is true in particular when compared to email. A correctly addressed envelope ensures that it goes directly to the person intended. Further to this, it is not easy for anyone – accidentally or deliberately – to share the details of your letter with people it was not intended for.

These points make the desired reaction to your message all the more likely to happen. If you want a response to your message – whether it is from a company, a public body or a person – sending a letter is more likely to prompt it than any other form.

Let’s see if we can illustrate the above with an example. Have you ever sent a message of complaint to a company via email or through their website? Did the response seem to be a standard answer? One that was copied and pasted from existing text? Unfortunately that has become the norm these days. Thankfully it is normally the case that a letter sent ensures a more considered response by mail is received in return.

Letter Writing – what I do for you

Hopefully the above points make perfect sense to you. Whilst you can see the benefits of letter writing it might be that you are not sure how to do it yourself. This is one of the main reasons why I offer my services.

If there’s a really important message you need to send then I can help. You can give me the details of what you want or need to say. You can also tell me what you hope the result will be. I will write the letter for you, making sure it does what you want and is appropriately worded for the intended recipient. As with all of my services, both with Best Write and The Taper, your details and information always remain private and confidential.

Are you looking for the perfect way for your own letter writing? Please get in touch via my contact page. I’m looking forward to hearing from you – and indeed to being able to help you!