Personal Writing Services

best write personal writing services


I provide personal writing services for any reason you may need them. Usually these are called on when you know what you want to say but are just not sure of the best way to write it. Let my skills, experience and expertise help you.

Here’s a look at the most frequent styles of writing I have been called on to help with. Generally, though, I can assist with any form of writing. If you don’t see what you are looking for here please get it touch – I am certain that I can help you.

CV writing

Applying for a new job can be a daunting proposition. You need to be very confident in your ability to be successful in your application. One of the best ways to have this confidence is to present a strong, well structured CV or résumé to potential employers.

It is vital that your CV presents the skills, abilities, experience and talents you have. These must be presented in a way that makes them stand out and be noticed by employers. A great CV showcases your abilities in a short, concise way. It makes it clear that you can do the job but doesn’t overburden the person reading it.

Over the years it has been a true delight to help friends, family, colleagues and clients get the job they want by writing their CV for them. I would be equally delighted to be of the same help to you.

I charge £10 for a 2 -3 page CV or résumé, provided you give me all the information I need to create it with. It is always better to write a covering letter specific for the job you are applying for, but I will happily include a template for you to use in this price.

Yes, I know my fee for CV writing is a lot lower than the average. For me the important part of this service is being able to assist someone find a job, so I’d rather just charge the lowest, fairest price I can. I am also able to create more detailed, executive level CV documents. Pricing for this is available on request and depends on your requirements.

Official or formal correspondence

There are many instances where you need to send a formal letter. Examples are letters of complaint, questions you wish your MP or local council to answer, explaining an incident to an insurance company and requesting changes to or cancellations of a service.

When you need to send such a letter it needs to be perfectly written. It also must convey exactly what you wish to say. Let my personal writing services help you make sure that this is exactly what the letter you are sending does.

Pricing is subject to the work involved and complexity of the letter which needs to be written. As is the case with my CV writing skills, however, my priority is to be of help. Please get in touch with your requirements and I will quote you a fair price.

best write personal writing services

Personal letters

There is no doubt that we live in a technology driven age. Whilst most forms of communication used are electronic, there are still instances when sending a letter is the best choice. Letters carry a level of importance not associated with text messages or emails, and they usually convey thoughts, emotions and feelings in a far stronger way.

If you wish or need to send a letter to a friend, family member or loved one but are not sure of the right wording then let me help. I will happily take the time to go through the nature of what you want to say, helping you find the right words.

Once again the pricing is subject to the nature of what you need writing, but I am here to help. It is unlikely that my fee for this personal writing service will ever be higher than £10.


Do you need to make a speech or address a group of people? This can be quite a nerve-racking experience. The best advice for this is that practice really does make perfect. Before you can practice, however, you need to have the perfect speech in place.

I can draw on my own experiences from speech-making to help you. Over the years I’ve also written speeches for others for many occasions, ranging from the happiness of a wedding to the sadness of a funeral service. I will work with you to make sure the points and information you wish to convey are included. This will be presented in a way that ensures your audience is engaged with your words.

My fee for this service is once again dependent on the amount of work involved. As with all the other services listed I will seek to quote you the fairest and most competitive price possible.

Please note that all of my personal writing services are carried out in a strictly private and confidential way. What I do for you is purely, and always, just between me and you. That’s one of the main advantages of using my skills – you only ever speak directly to me.