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best write professional writing services


For the last five years I’ve delivered exceptional results with my professional writing services. This has been both as a freelancer and working for a leading web design company.  It has been my pleasure to write for hundreds of different types of businesses during this time. The sizes range from sole traders through to large international corporates. With a strong focus on understanding the business and key services I’ve created content which achieves exceptional results.

The way in which you present your business is a crucial factor for success. In terms of achieving this only the highest standard of writing possible is good enough to describe your goods and services. This is precisely the quality of work I produce and deliver.

Here are the professional writing services I can deliver to you and your business –

Website text

A successful website needs to be visually stunning and engaging to read. I can deliver the text which achieves this.

I will meticulously research the industry your business is located in. By doing so I will be able to convey the message you wish to say on your website whilst using the language and presentation expected and accepted by potential customers.

Blog posts and news articles

For most businesses getting a good, high ranking on search engines is important to finding new customers. Regularly updating your site with blog posts and news articles is widely regarded as an effective way to get a higher ranking. This is particularly true of Google, the most widely used search engine on the internet.

Regularly adding news articles or blog posts  gives your customers a reason to keep visiting your site and engage with your business. It also assists in ensuring that your indexing on search engines is frequently refreshed. Whilst this varies from industry to industry, in general terms it’s a good idea to add new material to your site 2 – 4 times a month.

Over the years I’ve written for hundreds of different companies, all of which operate in distinctly different fields. If you would like some examples of my work specific to certain industries please contact me. Alternatively, another passion of mine is helping people in bringing back their memories. I have written all the text for my other website, The Taper. The blog section is regularly updated with information about what I do.

best write professional writing services

Press releases and magazine articles

Making an appearance in a newspaper or magazine – whether online or in print – can be of significant benefit. Appearing in a publication specific to your industry makes your name, products and services visible to your target market. The same benefits can be achieved with appearances in more generalised publications.

The best example of how this form of professional writing services can deliver comes from my days working with a web design company. I was able to place an interview with one of our clients, John Gibson Associates, in the Jobs & Careers magazine. You can read the interview here.

Sadly it is not possible to give set pricing for this form of writing. This is because it can take different lengths of time to investigate and identify the best publication to place an article. Sometimes publications link taking advertising with them to having articles appear.  This is normally very affordable, but the prices change depending on the title.

If you would like to explore the possibility of making an impact with a press release or magazine article please get in touch with me.

Product descriptions

Whether you are selling directly from your own website or through services such as  eBay and Amazon it’s vital that you give accurate descriptions of your products and services. Success comes from covering the important keywords and search terms in a small yet coherent number of words.

My pricing for this service is subject to how many you require and the level of market research required. I will, however, always provide a competitive quote.


The bottom line! Just as the best writing follows the “kiss” principle of “keep it straight and simple”, so does my pricing for the above. I charge £15 per page of website text. The same price is applicable for blog posts and news articles. All articles are at least 300 words long, which is accepted as the ideal length for web articles.

With Best Write you deal directly with me and only me. There’s no “up-selling” or attempts to make you pay for work you neither want or need.

If the professional writing services you are looking for don’t appear here, please get in touch. I am always happy to deliver unique, bespoke written work to your exact requirements. I’m here to make sure you can get the best writing possible for your business.