Terms and Conditions

best write terms and conditions www.bestwrite.co.uk

The best and most effective writing is kept short, simple and to the point. It must be easy to read and straightforward to understand. This is what I do with my writing for you, and it’s also how I keep the terms and conditions.

My terms and conditions are kept fair and basic. This is exactly the same approach I have with my other website, The Taper. They’re here to give both of us protection, and are set out in a fair way. If you have any questions or queries about these terms and conditions please contact me and I will be happy to have a chat.


I can accept payments via bank deposit, cheque, cash, PayPal and Google Wallet.

Payment must be made before any work commences. As a sole trader I cannot offer terms in the first instance. Arrangements can be made, however, for businesses using my services on an ongoing basis. These arrangements would need to be made after the initial work and payment.


In terms of UK copyright law I, as the writer, retain the copyright on all work I produce. Here’s a link to the overview of this on the Government website.

As the writer I am, however, within my rights to give up or sign away this copyright. The details of this can be found here.

My view is that you are paying me to write something and so you should be free to use it as you wish. I therefore do not request any link or credit to the work I produce for you.

From time to time I will either directly link to work I have produced, or forward a link on as an example. I really appreciate you letting me do this. Should you not wish me to do this then I would respect your decision. You would need to request this from me, otherwise it is assumed that I may link to the work produced.

Please note that under no circumstances would any personal writing work I do be used as an example.

best write terms and conditions www.bestwrite.co.uk


If you’re not happy with what I produce I shall be happy to rewrite it. In order to make sure it’s exactly what you want I will need you to give me input and clarification.

In the unlikely event that you are not happy with the second version we will discuss further. A refund may be more practical than a third version for both of us.

Should a refund be applicable, all text produced reverts to my ownership. You may not use it in any form.


An invoice is issued for all work, whether it is personal or business writing.

At present I fall below the VAT threshold. In the light of this all invoices issued to businesses are flat rate and do not have any VAT included.


I carry out personal writing work in a private and confidential way. The only records kept are invoices, and these reflect a generic description of the work produced.

The same applies for businesses, with the exception of work from time to time being linked to or used as a reference.


Hopefully the above is as straightforward and simple as promised!

Please contact me if you’d like more information in respect of any of the terms and conditions for using Best Write.