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Web Content vs Newspaper Content

Producing web content for news and information sites is similar to writing for a newspaper. In both instances you need to produce accurate and relevant information which readers are looking for. Presenting the information in a short and easy to understand way is vital. The main difference between a news article on the web and in a newspaper is the way in which the audience comes to find and read it.

In general terms newspapers usually have a fixed audience. People tend to remain loyal to a newspaper they particularly like. This is not quite the case online, where people have a wider range of choice. Many web users use search engines to find the news they want to read, with Google being the most popular. This means web content must have a strong SEO (Search engine optimised) value.

My Web Content Work

A very great deal of the web content work I have delivered over the years has been for news and information sites. I’ve added a clear understanding of effective SEO techniques to my skills and experience as a journalist. I produce well written web content which achieves great results with both search engine indexes and the target audience.

The most recent example of this is an article I wrote for the Middlesbrough Events website. This community driven site provides people with news and information about important events happening in the area. A major concert is happening in the area soon. The owner of the site asked me to produce an information piece about it.

web content Best Write www.bestwri.co.uk

It is with good reason that I have used a screenshot of the article above. Copying or repeating web content across different sites has a negative effect on the SEO value. This is one of the primary reasons why it’s important to get professional writing services to deliver your web content requirements.

The original article can be found by following this link. Please note that the community site is funded by third party advertising, and I cannot be held responsible for the content which appears.  Many of you will have spotted the formatting error in the above. I have alerted the webmaster and hopefully he will get it fixed!

Why Choose Best Write For Web Content?

I’ve had some fantastic feedback on the above article. Quite a few people have commented that the first sentence is a great hook. It’s always great to get that kind of feedback!

To borrow a journalists’ phrase, the who, what, why, where and when of the story are covered in this article. Doing this means that the reader gets all the information they require. The article has a clear call to action, encouraging people to attend the event.

If this is the high standard of web content you are looking for then I am looking forward to providing it. Please get it touch via the contact page.

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