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As a web content writer it’s my job to make sure the articles I write are effective.  There are a number of ways in which a web article can be evaluated as effective. For businesses the two most important are customer engagement and brand presence. Making use of facts and figures is a great way to achieve both.

The most popular and frequently visited sites on the web have one thing in common. This is a tendency to use numbers in their content. Sometimes this can be in the form of “top ten” lists, whilst in other instances numerical information is relied on to present a story. We as people can all relate to numbers. If we are given a set of statistics we’re able to relate to them with our own frame of reference, understanding the information all the more easily.

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Above is a quick pie chart I created. To do this I just created a few numbers as to why someone would read an article on the web, converting the information into a graph. If when reading this article your attention was immediately drawn to this chart that shows how effective presenting facts and figures can be.

One of the things I do as a web content writer is look for relevant and factual information relating to my client. In virtually all industries there will always be reports and statistical data which can be related to their products and services. It can, however, be a challenge when the as is information does not convey a positive message. This is where some work is required.

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Web Content Writer – Presenting Positive Percentages

I need to be very careful with this section!

Many of you will be aware of the “fake news” phenomenon. It is one of the terms which 2017 will be remembered for. I’ve raised this as one has to be very careful to ensure their information is presented in a truthful and honest way. It is my duty as a web content writer to ensure this and present a positive story.

A recent news story prompted this article. What interested me was the different ways in which websites and news agencies presented the same statistical information. Here are two examples of the different headlines.

Survey Shows 1 in 4 Want Change

Only 25% Want Change, Study Reveals

Can you see the slight yet effective difference? Both use identical information, yet change it to suit the perspective they wish to convey.

Some would view the above as in some way distorting facts, or to use the political term “adding spin”. There’s truth in this, but I do not believe the practice is dishonest. As in both cases of this example the factual information was correct neither can be called “fake news”.

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Web Content Writer – What I Do For You

When you use me as a web content writer I deliver work which is informed by the above. The content I produce uses factual information to convey the positive message you want in place.

Perfectly presenting percentages is a key way of engaging your target market. If you provide relevant, interesting and memorable information to your readers it serves as a call to action. This increases the likelihood of them using your services.

I have a fantastic track record of success in delivering effective web content. My work helps businesses gain high rankings on search engines such as Google. The content I provide appeals to your website visitors, providing them with interesting information about what they are looking for. This can assist in transforming website visitors into business customers.

If you’d like to have this highly effective form of content on your website then please get in touch. You can reach me through the contact page of this site. I always deliver high quality work for a very competitive price.

Hopefully you’ve found this information to be very interesting. I am looking forward to giving you the interesting content you want on your website!


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